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Stage Plans

Currently, there are Glebe Hill blocks available for sale in Stage 22, Stage 24B2, Stage 24B3 & Stage 24b4. Please see the Marketing Plan for an overall picture.

The Glebe Hill Sale Plans on specific Stages can be downloaded or opened below and provides more detailed information on individual blocks.

  • The road setback in Clarence is 4.5 metres is a zone where no building can take place and is shown in a blue shading
  • Easements where required stormwater or sewer pipes for blocks is another area that building can’t take place and is shown in purple shading
  • The lot numbers and square metre areas are shown as are all boundary dimensions and driveway locations for each block
  • Glebe Hill designated unit lots are shown on the Marketing Plan as dark blue lots and standard lots in light blue. The Unit lots designated by Glebe Hill’s developer, Lynmore Holdings are restricted so there are not too many units. The Glebe Hill Unit lots are constructed with a 5.5 metre wide driveway and a 40 mm water connection instead of a 25 mm water connection, however, a number of these unit lots have been sold to purchasers who only want one dwelling, but a larger land area, so they are available for anyone to purchase.
  • On occasion, if construction of a driveway has not yet occurred and purchasers have signed a contract, then upon a phone or email request we can request Council to amend the engineering plan approval, if it does not affect parking bays, streetlights or stormwater drains.

22 Sale Plan

24A Sale Plan

24B & 26 SalePlan